Exclusive Flash Deal:

LEGO® Baseplate Packs!

We're back with another LEGO® Flash Deal! This week, we have LEGO® Baseplate Packs! Scroll down to check out what's inside a pack and how you can get one! 🙂

What's inside?

A LEGO® build is only as good as its foundation! (That’s a saying, right?)

This week’s exclusive LEGO® Flash Deal is… LEGO Baseplate Packs! Each of these packs include: 

+ ONE 16×16 studs LEGO® Baseplate

+ ONE 16×32 studs LEGO® Baseplate

+ ONE Orange LEGO® Brick Remover

As we say around here, you can never have too many baseplates 😉 

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Grab multiple packs to save!

1x LEGO Baseplate Pack!

$ 11
97 USD
  • 16x16 studs LEGO® Baseplate
  • 16x32 studs LEGO® Baseplate
  • Orange LEGO® Brick Remover
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!

2x LEGO Baseplate Pack!

$ 21
97 USD
  • TWO 16x16 studs LEGO® Baseplates
  • TWO 16x32 studs LEGO® Baseplates
  • TWO Orange LEGO® Brick Removers
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!
Best Value!

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