Two Mystery Harry Potter Minifigs!

Just $9.95!

Includes TWO Mystery LEGO Harry Potter minifigs!



Limited quantity available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Flash Deal expires in:


Here’s how Booster Bricks Club Members can save on shipping costs…

Shipping these small items costs us close to $4 (shipping and supplies). For something so small, it’s really a shame. It makes it difficult for us to offer excellent deals because we always have to remember to add an extra $4 for shipping.

If we can eliminate the excess shipping cost, we can pass on those savings to you! Since we resurrected the Daily Deal, a ton of people have taken advantage of  this plan and have loved the way it works out.

Here’s how it works:

All current Minifig Club and Booster Bricks members have the option to receive FREE SHIPPING – as long as they are ok with waiting a bit for their order… If you’re fine with waiting, we will add your orders to your monthly shipment 🙂

Just use the PROMO code sent to your email (we also posted it in our private Facebook group).

Please keep in mind, orders placed before the end of the month will ship with the NEXT month’s shipment. 

Remember – reach out at if you have any questions!


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