Booster Bricks Club Re-opens 3/20/20
at 12pm ET!

After a brief hiatus to prepare for growth in the New Year, The Booster Bricks Club is ready to re-open enrollment for new members! Doors open on Friday, March 20 at 12:00 PM ET.  
Are you ready to join the club?

How your club membership works

#1 LEGO® Subscription Box And Club!​ (Plans)

Become a Club Member​

Choose a plan that’s right for your family. We have different subscription options so you can find the perfect fit. Like a cape on Batman.
#1 LEGO® Subscription Box And Club!​ (Create)

Unleash LEGO® Creativity!

Stuffed with LEGO® pieces, challenges, games and more, the Monthly Challenge Box is delivered to your door so you can build along to bring the monthly story to life!
#1 LEGO® Subscription Box And Club!​ (Builds)

Connect with Fellow Fanatics!

Instantly join our community of thousands of LEGO® fans and their families for more fun, games, contests, giveaways, LIVE shows, and some other shenanigans.

Why You'll Love Booster Bricks

#1 LEGO® Subscription Box And Club!​ (Inside)

  • Each one of our Challenge Boxes includes over 250 uniquely assorted LEGO® pieces!
  • Test your creative muscles with 5+ unique Build Challenges!
  • Build along with the Booster Bricks Story to bring it all together.
  • Receive collectible stickers, bookmarks, and challenge cards
  • Get access to your Private Facebook community of fellow LEGO®-lovin’ club members.
  • Join in on even more LEGO® fun, games, contests, giveaways, LIVE shows, and some other shenanigans on our Facebook page & group!

Get Totally Immersed!

Every Challenge box includes 5 unique build challenges that are woven together in the Story Booklet. Each month is different! Get the scoop on each style of challenge below!

Premier Challenge

The main build and "boost" of your Challenge Box - it's often the build all the other challenges are centered on.

Minifig Challenge

Every month your box also includes a mystery LEGO® minifig and LEGO® minifig accessories. Get creative with customizing your minifig and its backstory!

MicroBuild Challenge

Small pieces - BIG Challenge. Use this pack of super small pieces to think outside the box! A fan favorite.

Blindfold Build

Try your luck at building this challenge pack...with your eyes closed! Feeling confident? Try opening the pack itself blindfolded so the pieces are a mystery, too!

"Spotlight" Piece

While every other challenge pack in the box is made of random pieces, ALL members receive the SAME "spotlight" LEGO piece of the month. Learn a bit about its history and try your hand at a build challenge centered on it!

Story Booklet

And it's all tied together with our story booklet you receive each month! All of the challenges are integrated with one another - plus find a few bonus challenges, games, photos from the group, spotlighted members, and more!

Over 180,000 Boxes Shipped

See why people love #BoosterBricks!

#1 LEGO® Subscription Box And Club!​ (Kids 2)
"I love how much it inspires creativity! I love watching my kids come up with new creations, and telling me all about their builds."
SHARED BY Becky R.Canton, OH
"Encouraging creative thinking and building while bringing the family together in an inventive way."
SHARED BY Heather C.Kileen, TX
"We received ours as a Christmas gift, so it’s Christmas every month!"
SHARED BY Kristen O. Chicago, IL
"With all the super awesome LEGO® pieces that we can add to our collection, we can be much more creative in our free-builds."
SHARED BY Shannon M. Clarkston, WA
"I love the community! So much fun to talk to other LEGO® enthusiasts!"
SHARED BY Daniel B. Glen Carbon, IL
"My grandkids get to use their imagination and cooperate with each other."
SHARED BY Cathy G. Zebulon, NC


Wait, are they actual LEGO® pieces?

Oh, most definitely! While we only use authentic LEGO® pieces in our challenge boxes, we are not affiliated with or sponsored by the LEGO® Group. 

We work with a company called Replay Bricks. They buy used LEGO® collections, then sort, wash, and sanitize the pieces which we then use to package our various challenge packs. The assortment and variety of LEGO® pieces in our packs is unlike what you can buy new in stores, since LEGO® has retired many pieces over the years.

How much does a membership cost?

Our box is designed for families, which is why we have created different plan options to fit your family’s needs. Pick your cup of tea between our Monthly, 3-Months, or 12-Months plans. All price information can be found on our sales page.

Please note: All of our plans are auto-recurring unless cancelled via email.

When do the monthly boxes ship?

We ship our boxes around the 15th-20th of the month. Sign up before the 18th to receive the current month’s box!

You’ll be updated at every step of the shipping process via email. For US residents, shipping take 3-5 days once it reaches the post office. International shipping takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on location! (We ship from Northern VA).

Can I cancel anytime?

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. PLEASE NOTE: If you subscribe to a 3- or 12-month plan, your cancellation will take effect prior to your next renewal, and you’ll still get the remaining boxes that you’ve paid for on your plan. 

What are the recommended ages?

We recommend our boxes for kids ages 4-12, but LEGO® pieces can be enjoyed by anyone 4 and up! Our challenges are designed with all ages and skill levels in mind – you’re really only limited by your imagination & dedication! 🙂 

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes, we now ship our boxes worldwide! Shipping costs are included in the price plans when country of residence is chosen. 

I have other questions! How can I reach out?

We’d love to chat! To connect with our Customer Care team, just click the Blue Chat icon in the bottom right of your screen or send us an email at [email protected]

Ask any and all questions you have. Fire away! That’s why we’re here.

Still have questions? We'd love to chat!