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How does it work?

Every few months we open our doors to accept new members of the Booster Bricks Club! What happens when you join?

For one, you get our famous ‘Challenge Box’ every month which includes over 250 LEGO pieces as well as at least 5 unique Build Challenges and entire Build Story to bring it all together!

You also get exclusive access to our Booster Bricks Club community! With over a 100 LEGO prizes and giveaways each month, as well as bonus challenges, build tips, live videos and more – there’s something for everyone!

Other Fun Stuff We Do

The Booster Bricks Show

The Booster Bricks Show is our weekly, fully interactive, live production! Our show is another way we inspire imagination and creativity! Tune in every week for games, giveaways, and LEGO entertainment!

Weekly Flash Deals

We’re always looking for ways to add more to your LEGO collection! We have new LEGO Flash Deals every week, as well as Mystery Boxes every month! Not only that, but members also get to see our crazy LEGO Flash Deals first, before the supply runs out!

What Our Members Are Saying

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