Fantastic! We're glad to have you on board. In the next 5-10 minutes, you'll get an email with your Referral Code, the link you can share, instructions for sharing, etc. Other than that, we'll talk soon!

Got questions?

No worries. The quickest way to check would be to open your email inbox and search “Your Challenge Box is on its way” (That’s the subject line for our Shipping confirmation email). If you receive those emails, that’s the email account linked to your Subscription. If you still have questions, just shoot us an email at [email protected]  👍

First off, congrats on being a Member! Make sure you add that to your resume. Secondly, you can check out the website here to get your unique referral code. It takes about 27 seconds. We timed it. 🛵

Absolutely! This page is just for those Club Members who won’t stop talking about the Club to their family and friends and want to take advantage of some fun bonuses for spreading the word. If you just want to bypass all of that, and check out the Club for yourself, visit this page here. Just note that the bonuses from being referred by a current Club member won’t apply. 

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