Exclusive Flash Deal:

LEGO® Minifig Plus Pack!

What in Sam Hill is a Minifig Plus Pack? Well, it's a pack with a Mystery LEGO® Minifig PLUS a whole bunch of other fun stuff 🙂 See what we did there?? Details below!

What's inside?

*Sample pack. Selections may vary.

This week’s exclusive LEGO® Flash Deal is… 

Minifig Plus Packs!!

+1 Mystery LEGO Minifigure (Non-Themed)
+1 LEGO Shovel
+1 Treasure Chest with Gems
+3 LEGO Flowers
+3 LEGO Minifig Accessories

You’ll have the best loot in town with this pack!

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LEGO® Minifig Plus Pack!

$ 7
97 USD
  • 1x Mystery LEGO Minifigure (Non-Themed)
  • 1x LEGO Shovel
  • 1x Treasure Chest with Gems
  • 3x LEGO Flowers
  • 3x LEGO Minifig Accessories
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!

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