Exclusive Flash Deal:
Only Available Through This Friday - 11/16!

LEGO® Chunk Packs!

We're back again for a LEGO® Flash Deal! This week, we have LEGO® Chunk Packs! Scroll down to check out what's inside a pack and how you can get one! 🙂

What's inside?

 This week’s exclusive LEGO® Flash Deal is…Chunk Packs!


Each ‘Chunk Pack’ includes a unique mix of partially completed LEGO sets – perfect for inspiring creativity!

NOTE – These have not been washed, they may be dusty!

Choose from 1, 2, or 5 pound packs!

Grab multiples and save!

1 LB - LEGO® Chunk Pack!

$ 16
97 USD
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!

2 LB - LEGO® Chunk Pack!

$ 31
97 USD
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!

5 LB - LEGO® Chunk Pack!

$ 67
97 USD
  • FREE Shipping to U.S.!

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